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The Cook's Cottage is proud to offer the area's freshest coffee beans. As the Belleair area's orginal Coffee Company and gourmet coffee supplier, we have used the same independent roaster for close to twenty years. Our beans are individually batch roasted to order for us using only the finest Fair Trade Certified Aribica coffee beans sourced from around the globe.

Breakfast Blend…..$10.95lb

A medium bodied blend of South and Central American coffees, with our famous

dark French roast added to create a delicious eye opener. Smooth, rich and


Costa Rican…..$10.95lb     

One of the finest coffees out of Costa Rica.  This coffee begins with a clean, crisp flavor with snappy acidity and closes with a sweet and tantalizing smooth finish.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe…..$11.95lb Certified Organic

This exquisite jewel from Ethiopia rates among the world’s best. This washed coffee produces a smooth and balanced cup, with excellent aroma. The medium body and delicate acidity is brought together with a creamy, buttery flavor profile with hints of citrus.

Kenya AA…..$13.95lb

This highly prized coffee from the fertile, red volcanic soil surrounding Mt. Kenya. It starts with a jolt of sharp acidity and powerful aroma, with fruit notes then enveloping the senses - A classic, grand coffee.

Masters Vintage Blend…..$10.95lb

Uniquely smooth full-bodied blend of South and Central American coffees. This coffee is very aromatic, with a slight hint of cocoa that combines with an incredibly rich, almost syrupy flavor that follows with a deep finish.

Maui 100% Hawaiian Grown…..$16.95lb  (limited availability)

Grown on the island of Maui on the Ka’anapali Estate located on the West Maui

Mountains, pure Hawaiian coffee.

Peaks of the Andes…..$10.95lb

A blend of beans found alongside the Andes Mountains are roasted to perfection, creates a full body and lively acidity with delightful flavor and aroma. Very well balanced in the cup, this one will please everyone.

Rebellion Blend…..$12.95lb

Deep, rich and satisfying. This dark roasted blend of coffees from Sumatra, Mexico and Guatemala will please the most discerning of palates.  Full of body and snap, yet remarkably smooth.  Great aroma and flavor. Great as an espresso or as a drip coffee.

Royal House…..$10.95lb     European Water Processed Decaf $11.95lb

A truly royal blend of our finest South and Central American beans, producing a cup with medium body and deep flavor that has a delicate aroma and a smooth finish

Sumatra Mandaling Cafe Roast…..$12.95lb   European Water Processed Decaf $13.95lb

From the central part of Northern Sumatra, one of the Indonesian islands, comes this wonderful, very intense coffee.  In the cup, this coffee possesses

a heavy, full body, and a concentrated spicy, earthy, and robust taste with an

herbal aroma, with very low acidity.


Illy…..Reg $12 per 8.8oz can Decaf $14 per can


Torani Syrup…..$8.95 bottle

Flavored Coffee Selections


All flavors offered in European Water Processed Decafe as well



Caramel Kiss Creamy, toasty, buttery rich flavor of caramel. A luscious cup.

Chocolate Raspberry Rich, creamy chocolate and the juicy, tangy taste of vine-ripened raspberries.

Cinn Ful Nut Spicy Cinnamon, toasted hazelnuts and the wonderful creamy flavor of vanilla.  

Creme Brûlée Delicious, creamy, caramelized double vanilla custard flavor.

Hawaiian Macadamia Sweet coconut and rich, buttery macadamia nuts.

Hazelnut Toasted, sweet nutty Oregon hazelnuts.

Jamaican Me Crazy Infused with the essence of the darkest tropical island rum.

Mudslide Fudge-y milk chocolate after-dinner drink.

Toffee Crunch Rich, chocolate covered hazelnut toffee.

Turtle Sundae Velvety smooth caramel with toasted pecans.

White Russian Smooth cream, with Kahlua undertones.